St.  Clement Parish Religious Education Program                           

Father Thomas Vala, Pastor

   Father Gregg Leo Abidilla, Parochial Vicar

Ms. Patricia Thein, Coordinator      

Mrs. Lorraine Carmichael, Assistant

                                        172 Freneau Avenue, Matawan, New Jersey 07747

                                                              732-566-3616, option 2

Office Hours:

Sunday:   9:00 PM – 12 Noon

Monday:  2:00 PM – 7:30 PM

Tuesday: 2:00 PM – 7:30 PM


Deadline for Registration for the 2019-20 school year is August 30, 2019. No Registrations will be accepted after that time.


Program Policies:

**Absolutely NO FOOD is permitted in the building!

**All classes are one hour and fifteen minutes. Students in grade 1 and 2 are dismissed 5-10 minutes earlier for safety reasons.

***Students and families must be members of St. Clement Parish and attend Sunday Mass each week.

***IMPORTANT: Please view the new St. Clement PREP Attendance/Absence Policy and the new Behavior Policy by clicking on the tab above.

Students arriving more than 15 minutes late or leaving more than 15 minutes early will be considered an unexcused absence.

***All Religious Ed families are asked to sign up for FlockNotes, which will send you up to the minute notices about St. Clement Parish. Please click on the “Home” drop down box for information and to sign up for instant messages from the church to you!

***It is our policy that students must attend the day/time/class for which they are registered. Please do not contact the office to ask if your child can attend on other dates/times due to scheduling conflicts.

***In order to ensure safety at dismissal, please be reminded that parents must come to the school door to pick-up their children, being certain that the teacher has acknowledged your arrival. To eliminate crowds at the doorway, we will “stagger” dismissal with the little ones leaving first and eighth grade last.

***In the event of inclement weather or other non-weather related emergencies, closings will be posted on the home page. Please check before coming to class each week.


 *** In an effort to hold students more accountable for their learning, students in grades 6 and 7  will be tested after each unit in their book (4 times/year). A minimum of 70% average is required to move on to the next grade. There will be no re-tests offered. Special consideration will be given for those with IEPs.   

***Grade 8 will have a mid-term and a final exam.   Those students in Grade 8 not achieving a 70% score will be given an assignment to complete to improve their score.  

The syllabus for each tested grade (6,7,8) can be found on the Calendar Tab above.

Study Guides for Home Study students can be found on the Home Study tab above. In choosing the Home Study option, parents assume complete responsibility for teaching the materials to their children and preparing them for test readiness.

Study Guides for “in class” students are as follows:

Grade 6 We Are God’s People Unit Test: Study the bold-faced words and key concepts in the chapters.

Grade 7 Faith Fusion Unit Test: Study the bold-faced, key concepts,  in the chapters and the questions at the end of each chapter in the unit.

Grade 8 One Faith, One Lord: Study the bold-faced words and key concepts in the chapters, and the questions in the Unit Assessments.

All tests are “fill in the blank” with a “word bank” provided.


Supplies needed:                                                                                        

All students must bring a pencil to class each week.

1st and 2nd graders need  to bring a 24 count (no larger, please) box of crayons, which will be kept here for their use.

 7th and 8th graders also need a notebook.