Behavior Policy

Respect for volunteer teachers and classmates is required.

Should a child be sent to the office for unacceptable behavior, The Behavior Policy shall be carried out, as follows:

First “strike” – warning- parents will be notified by phone call, email and/or in person at dismissal.

Second “strike” – parents notified and may be asked to remove child from class for the session.

Third “strike” – child will be removed from class for remainder of school year and invited to return to the same grade the following school year.

Please note – These “strikes” are recorded in the child’s record and remain in the child’s record. They DO carry over to the following school year.

Child will also be removed from the St. Clement Basketball team, if on a team.

Also note that a student may be removed from the program at any time, at the discretion of the Coordinator and Pastor.