Family Life

RCL Benziger Family Life is a comprehensive moral catechesis for families, and it’s inclusion in the curriculum is mandated by the Diocese of Trenton.  Family Life is designed to complement the religion curriculum in your school or parish. Now for the first time RCL Benziger Family Life also integrates child safety education into a holistic approach to family life education. This best-selling program has been revised and strengthened to reinvigorate  partnership with parents. This new revision of the most popular Catholic family Life program in the United States presents the teachings of the church with clarity and offers unparalleled support for Catholic Families!

Key Features of RCL Benziger Family Life:  A comprehensive Family Life curriculum that focuses on partnering with the parents – Moral catechesis utilizing a virtues-based pedagogy with emphasis on Christian living – Child safety education highlighting healthy relationships – Adaptability for both schools and parishes to accommodate multiple learning environments.

Parents are welcome to come into the office and view the materials at any time.

Beginning September 2019, Family Life books will be sent home for parents to review with their children.

 Since we have a limited number of books, we will have assigned weeks for each session to take the books home, as follows:

Sunday 9:30: to be sent home on September 29, to be returned on October 6

Monday 4:30 session: to be sent home on October 21, to be returned on October 28

Monday 6:00 session: to be sent home on November 4, to be returned on November 11

Tuesday 4:30 session: to be sent home on November 19, to be returned on November 26

Tuesday 6:00 session: to be sent home on December 3, to be returned on December 10.

Home Study: to be sent home on February 23, to be returned on March 29.

There will be a lost book fee of $20 for any book not returned on time.