Home Study

Grade 1 thru 6 Home Study Calendar 2022-2023

7th Grade Home Study 2022-2023 Calendar

 Home Study Policies and Requirements

 The book will be provided, and it will be the responsibility of parents to share the material with your child.

There will be a syllabus and calendar provided.

Four times a year students and at least one parent will come into the school building for assessments.

The dates will be posted on the website and

e-mailed and there will be multiple days and times to choose from.

In addition, students will be required to attend Six Additional Liturgical Experiences over the course of the school year.

There will be over 20 to choose from. Examples are Thanksgiving Morning Mass, Penance Services, Church Tours, Making Birthday Cards for Jesus, Praying the Rosary together and Movie Night. These are just some examples. A complete list will be provided, and the list will be updated throughout the year as Experiences are added.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to contact: